With Classdojo: save time, communicate with parent, promote positive behavior and be eco-conscious

What is Classdojo?

Classdojo is a free technology tool that all educators should definitely have as it promotes positive behavior, builds a bridge communication between parents and educators and enables teacher to save time.

The official Classdojo websites is multilingual.

On the website there is page, called Teachers’ resources, where you are provided with handouts and a training pack that allows you to understand the concept and the functions of Classdojo, as well as to train other teachers or explain the students how and why you will use this tool in class.

There also is a prewritten form for the parents available in Spanish, French and English in order to explain Classdojo to parents, collect their email and tell them that this a report tool to which they can access anytime to be aware of their child’s behavior in the classroom.

There is another page called Ideas where all the uses of Classdojo are suggested efficiently by teachers explaining their approach to Classdojo on a training video.

Here are the titles of the videos that reveal the content. As Classdojo offers such complete and clear informative sessions about its tool, I believe that all teachers should be able, willing and motivated to give it a try. I think that Classdojo is a tool that should be shared among the teachers’ communities.

  • Transitioning Faster between Class Activities
  • Encouraging Active Listening in High School
  • Inspiring Students to Participate with ClassDojo
  • Encouraging Group Work
  • Engaging Students in a Bilingual Classroom
  • Supporting PBIS schools and special education students
  • Reinforcing School Values with ClassDojo
  • Encouraging the Right Behaviors
  • Easily Engaging Parents using ClassDojo

WHY do I use Classdojo as a pedagogical tool?

  • First of all I totally agree with the Classdojo team who share her point of view on the webpage mentioned earlier. I especially agree with the idea that Classdojo is a tool that allows the teacher to share and set values for the classroom.
  • Class dojo can be efficient an efficient tool to start the class with the attendance taking and to conduct, start and finish the class by rewarding student for their behavior during whole class activities, collaborative work or individual work.
  • It also fosters the understanding of the importance to cooperate and participate in the classroom.  
  • Besides it can be used during the class to congratulate student to stay or get on task or enhancing any positive behavior that are linked to the teacher and school’s values.

HOW do I use Classdojo as a pedagogical tool?

  • I would use class Dojo to motivate the participation in maximizing their use of English.

I would create a system of point. When they would get 15 points I would give them a creative or intellectual reward such as doing a *special research on a topic of his choice approved by the teacher using the internet. I would also give them the opportunity to have a 30 min on internet to use creative software such as Photostory 3 , Comic Life and Weebly so that they learn about them at the same time as they express themselves. I agree with the fact that Classdojo is a great tool to give reward and create or reinforce a reward system.

  • I would also use class dojo to encourage the student to keep being cooperative, responsible and autonomous while working in whole group or in collaboration with peers.

-Point would give points for demonstrating these qualities and would reward them with reward that reinforce them even more such as responsibilities in the classroom (library responsible, technology responsibly, etc.)

  • Classdojo offer a quick way to take attendance and ensure a clean and ecological way to keep note of many behaviors details such as the date, the student’s name as well as the percentage of his good behavior. So I would use Classdojo to have less adminisrative papers and books to carry. I will feel up to date using this technological tool. I will feel that my data on students behavior are safe as Classdojo is a file storage with a high space. I would also feel that I open a door to communication with parents maximizing my time as it captures and generates data on behavior that teachers can share with parents.

If I have no smart board and only an I pad will I use Classdojo?

I would definitely use Classdojo in primary school during my practicum III, but we have neither computers nor smart boards.  However, when I will start to teach Spanish or English I will have my iPad and if there is no smartboard in the classroom I will use it for my own note taking of the student’s behavior as it is a time saver tool.


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