Weebly for M.I. and flipped classroom approaches


Weebly for M.I. and flipped classroom approaches


In this Weekly blog post I will document my research and exploration of Weebly a free platform to create websites. My pedagogical approaches regarding the use of Weebly are the multiple intelligence and flipped classroom.


Click here to learn more about the Flipped Classroom concept. 


How would I use Weebly as a teacher and How would I have my students using Weebly?


I was inspired by the ideas of the authors of the Teachinghistory.org to adopt Weebly as a pedagogical and user friendly tool. So here I will refer this website to complement or support my opinion and ideas.


  • According to my opinion, Weebly can be used to implement the concept of flipped classroom as it offers the opportunity for the student to do a great web quest that focus on a learning topic of math, as for example.


  • I agree with the idea of Teachinghistory.org with respect to the fact that with Weebly it is possible to do “the construction and possibilities of web-based projects; yet the user-friendly interface lets you and your students concentrate on content and maximizing the use of a variety of tools, sources, and resources”.


  • Web quests are linked to the idea of the flipped class as students must investigate on different websites and use their reading and analytical skills to choose meaning full information in order to complete the webquest.


  • I would use weebly as a teacher to give flipped class as I value the idea of having students investigating a relevant topic or problematic at their own rhythm.


  • To teach math I would publish tutorial videos for each features seen and I would provide the students with extra activities and interactive web pages to practice.


  • I would definitely use weebly to post everything we do in class, including the answer keys, the questionnaires and pictures of projects such as posters or informative kiosk as suggested by creativity tool website.


  • I agree with the web site: creativity tools, on which it is mentioned that weebly can be used a communicative tool for administrative info such as absences or homework to be communicated to the parents.


  • I would post videos for the flipped classroom so the students can come to class prepared or go back home without the stress of having missing any information, as they can access anytime any videos published on the teacher’s weebly.


Click here to learn more about the Multiple Intelligence learning concept


From my point of view, Weebly is a great pedagogical tool to have students using multiple intelligences.


How would I use weebly to promote the multiple intelligence approach?


  • Students can start exploring the ideas to use websites for professional reasons.


I could offer them the chance to work on a project where they have to promote a personal talent by showing images, photos and videos of a specific talent. The artistic intelligence would have to be used for that criterion of the Weebly project.


  • They could be asked to share it on social Medias in order to learn how great it can be to have encouragement and how fast it can go to make contact that can be fruitful for enriching a talent or sharing about a passion. So the interpersonal and personal intelligences would be fostered.


  • The visual presentation of the weebly personalized creation would also answer the visual and spatial intelligence as students would be required to implement a multimedia tool.


  • The linguistic intelligence would also be highly used as students would be required to have at least an argumentative, informative or narrative text on their website, as well as relevant questions to the topic in order to stimulate and interact with the audience.


  • My favorite idea is the use of Weebly as a student’s portfolio so they can share and conserve the integrity of their work process and final project results. I agree with the author of the article on the fact that it is a great way to get ready for personnal and profesionnal ability and talent prooves and demonstration as it is possible to “embed documents, YouTube videos, photos, audio files, forms, and much more to the page”. Weebly is merely efficient and fun!


Here is a tutorial video about Weebly that answer these basical types of  questions?


  1. How to choose a URL?
  2. How to choose background picture?
  3. How to add a title and  pages?
  4. How to add hyperlink?
  5. How to add headers?
  6. How to add visuals?
  7. Etc…



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