Animoto: technology teaching and learning tool

Animoto: technology teaching and learning tool

What is animoto?

  1. Animoto is a video production tool that allows you to do a digital creative and personalized production selecting photos, videos and music of your choice. 2) Animoto offers you to to a 30-second production for free. 3) Animoto’s “work of art” can be exported to you PC, Mac file or any storage software tool. 4) From “Each video is a fully customized orchestration of user-selected images and music. Produced on a widescreen format, Animoto videos have the visual energy of a music video and the emotional impact of a movie trailer”. 

Why do I like animoto as a pedagogical tool ?

  1. Efficiency for short and illustrated presentation
  2. Efficiency for teaching grammar  with images and oral exemplification
  3. 73% of the stduents say that they cannot study without teachnology so I would put reference,video and communicate important information on an Animoto production. So depending on the free time I can spend on creating teaching material I will choose a technological software to make my teaching approach up to date.
  4. It facilitates learning and teaching as it is a visual and auditory aid.



How would I use animoto in the classroom?

It triggers the attention on concepts, quick recapitulations, spotlight on a special topic, event or grammar point, criterion and projects that can all be illustrated and shortly explained by a recorded voice.

-I would use Animoto to create and present trigger, pre-activities and focus on grammar lessons as it is stimulating and very eye-catching.

I totally agree with Ted Cross’ notions about the pedagogical functions of Animoto. Thus, I will inspire myself from his suggestions to explain my use of animoto for second language teaching.

  • Digital scrapbook

Students create a digital scrapbook of a special event or field trip.

-When I will teach Spanish I want to organize travels with my students so I would have them do archeological videos and take meaningful pictures in order to create a digital scrapbook, on animoto, that we would animate with typical music from the cultural trip.

  • Oral Presentation

Students record an assigned oral presentation and add it as “music” to an Animoto production that contains the desired images. This is a great way to manage oral presentations in online environments.

-I will use animoto to promote the use of English during oral presentation in mini-group, in front of the whole class or in the three-round type. Animoto would be the perfect  tool to provide students with visual aid and and to really develop a awareness about their level of English and their improvement.  Animoto would be a device for shy students. I would allow invite them to work on their pronunciation or vocabulary use and have fun recording again and again without become to stressed out about it. I would have my students use Animoto to remind them that the ICT are there to make the learning process of any second language enjoyable and imaginative.

  • Music- Archeology –History and Language History

Students or teachers create a production giving background or main information as well as the problematic, the title and the topic of the project.

-Animoto would replace Power Point and Prezi that are now too popular. As I teach language I love creating archeological and historical projects so I would Use Animoto to introduce maps, timeline, archeological sites and special data or objects.I would even save some music tracks for the classroom environment of work. I like rewarding my students with instrument music as classroom atmosphere.

  • Pamphlet-advertisement – Students invent a new product (real or fictitious) and create a production that serves as the key component of the advertising campaign for the product.

– I would definitely use this idea that I value as it makes the writing process and especially the publishing meaningful as it can be shared with an audience and exciting as it allows the student to make creative choices and concepts.

One last use that would be very important to me would be the use of Animoto to generate a spirit of trust. In order to do it I would use Animoto to do a personalized introduction of my biography and a special one about how I learned to speak fluently Spanish, Italian and English. I would tell my students the real challenge and success that I experienced, in order to show them that I am compassionate with their learning process and the notion of gap filling. This Animoto presentation would also show that I am authentic and that I care about introducing myself but that also expect to get to know them as well and bring them along an enjoyable and satisfactory language learning path.




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