I movie the best video maker tool to maximize the oral use of second languages

Blog number 9

What is I movie ?

I movie is a software for video making that is available for the MAC.

With I movie you can use your personal videos library and photos to create clips, trailer importing backgrounds and sounds effect. It is the most easy to use as the tool allows you to drag images and videos and drop them easily to the production box.

“With an all‑new design, iMovie for Mac lets you enjoy your videos like never before. Browse your clips more easily, instantly share your favorite moments, and create beautiful HD movies and Hollywood‑style trailers. And when you’re ready to premiere on all your devices, iMovie Theater rolls out the red carpet”.

Why do I like I movie as a pedagogical tool ?

-It allows to promote the oral use of the Target language, the reinvestment of the knowledge and to make writing process and product more modern as it will be published or used in I movie, an ICT video making media tool.

Use English orally

  • I agree with the author of the article 13 Ways To Use iMovie In The Classroom who wrote:“Documentation: Use the camera and microphone to record student work and performances. You might record students reading, to track progress, video record a student playing a short riff in band class, or record a performance in Phys.Ed, or pretty much any other course”.

And I think that it reveals the fact that we can use I movie for promoting and maximizing the oral use of the target language, what corresponds to the C1. (2) I movie is great to evaluate the (C1) and engage the students to speak at all-time English and try to reach a higher proficiency level as they have fun recording their voice and acting .


Reinvest the knowledge

I like I movie as a pedagogical tool as it is a great too to reinvest (C2) knowledge in a highly creative way. As for example if students are passionate about dance and travel they can read about it and create and informative video.

Write and produce in English

  • I also agree with Kathy Schrock who says : A movie trailer includes many of the literacy areas. There is a component of information literacy as students search for and gather assets to include in the trailer. There are reading and writing skills (traditional literacy) as students write out their ideas and scripts. There are elements of media literacy as students identify their audience, use words to persuade viewers, and maybe transfer another mode of publishing (like a research paper) into a video.

Thus, I movie is amazing to evaluate the (C3) and to promote writing as a fun and creative activity that does not have to be always linked to the traditional essay writing that is often stressful and boring for children! As students usually write scripts before shooting a video with dialogues, monologues or narration I could have them enjoy the writing process using I movie.

What projects would I create for my students with I movie?

  1. To promote consumer awareness and critical thinking: Make a satirical TV advertisement or infomercial with I movie.

I would evaluate the C1, C2 and C3 with this project as students would speak English during the production process, reinvest the key features learned watching infomercial and advertisement in the final I movie shooting project, and write a draft and final script.

  • I would have students using all the typical features, catch phrase, superlative and comparative adjective as well as imperative verbs such as buy, call and get.
  • They would have to create characters and narrators discourse.
  • They would have to do a storyboard and a script.
  • In cooperative group they would have to produce a I movie to create an infomercial or an advertisement.
  • Shooting and editing the video. Add music and voice over.
  • They would be evaluated on the use of English during all the production process.
  • Add the distribution information at the end of the movie.

I agree with the ideas of Randy Yerrick, who suggest to use I movie to present personal accomplishments, to document learning and to introduce events.

  1. Presenting personal accomplishments :
  • Students could do a biography or an autobiography in which they would focus on their personal accomplishment.
  • They could costume themselves
  • They could act like if they were a famous character
  • This activity would have them work on their self –confidence as I would allow them to also invent fact in their biography that would be inspired from their favorite famous person
  • Talking about these fact using the first person, I , would have them experience a feeling of accomplishment and maybe inspire them to work hard to make such fictive fact come true
  1. Documenting learning :
  • After school trips or at the end of and LES project I could have my students documenting the learning with images, voice over explaining the main features learned and mentioning their favorite part of the project.
  1. Introducing events :
  • After an archeological school trip or cultural trip I would have my students do a documentary on the special events they lived and the discovery they made that they are proud of.
  • Students could present the holyday of a country




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